Poly Water Tanks manufactures polyethylene, plastic water tanks & water tanks that are affordable and built to last. Water Tanks by Poly Water Tanks.
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Water Tanks by Poly Water Tanks

Large Rural Round Tanks  22,700 -25,000 litres

Rain water harvesting is increasingly being adopted by households and industries across Australia. If you own a home or a commercial space and are looking for ways to cut down on your water usage costs or store water for that "not-so rainy day" then invest into a Poly Water Tank today.

Quality Water Tanks and Storage SolutionsView our NEW Budget Slimline Water Tanks

Poly Water Tanks is a family-owned Australian business that specialises in manufacturing high quality water storage tanks, round water tanks, slimline tanks, rectangle tanks, eco slimline tanks and underground  that are well priced and built to last!

Why Choose Poly Water Tanks Over Other Brands?

  • Poly Water Tanks - Guaranteed not to bulge or split.Poly Water Tanks have never had a tank burst or split.
  • Our water tanks are priced to suit all budgets.
  • View more reasons...

For a rainwater tank that lasts, free call 1800 077 178 or simply email us here.