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Water Tank Rebates

20th August 2013
By Aaron Pace

These water tank rebates and incentives may be available through your State or Territory Government, or through your local Council or water authority.

They generally apply to the installation of specific-sized rainwater tanks at your home or business. They may also apply to how your tank is connected to your home – for example the extent of internal plumbing connections you are making.
A water tank rebate is well worth exploring. It could reap you a return of up to $2,000 in some areas.

Rebate programs are not only a great incentive to help save money on your rainwater tank purchase and installation costs, they also help to encourage people to conserve our precious water resources.

Harvesting pure rainwater from the sky is a great environmental benefit and results in less demand on our drinking water supplies. This also means a reduced impact on our valuable river systems where much of our drinking water is traditionally sourced from.

And remember, once your Poly Water rainwater tank is fully installed, all the rainwater you collect from the sky (using your roof area) is free!

Rain water tank rebate programs vary across the country depending on your location. They also change over time and have a number of terms and conditions. Please check with your relevant water authority for more details in your area

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