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Choose the Right Water Tank for You: Four Steps to Success 10th February 2015
If you have started researching your potential water tank purchase, chances are you have found it rather overwhelming. With so many product types, sizes and purposes out there, how do you determine the right one for your needs? Poly Water Tanks is here to help. Simply follow our concise guidelines to determine the right product for you. .
Why Water Tanks from Poly Water Tanks Last 19th December 2013
Not all water tanks are equal. Poly Water Tanks specialise in quality water tank storage solutions for domestic and rural applications. For tanks that last contact us today..
Website: View the complete rainwater tank range here.
Low Price Budget 5000lt Slimline Water Tank 18th November 2013
Poly Water Tanks has some exciting news with the release of its new Low Price Budget 5000lt Slimline water tank. Strong and guaranteed not to bulge or split. Ideal for a narrow passage or corners. Our new budget slimline water tank is available for purchase today!.
Website: View the Low Price Budget 5000lt Slimline water tanks specifications
Aquaculture Tanks 12th November 2013
Aquaponics is a sustainable, low-maintenance process. It can suit back yards, schools and larger scale production such as farming..
Website: Aquaponics System Kits
Water Tank Installation Sizes 3rd October 2013
Poly Water Tanks offers a range of water tank sizes to cater for a range of different locations. From smaller urban back yards to larger rural settings or industrial storage needs, Poly Water Tanks has something for every space....
Water Tank Rebates 20th August 2013
When buying a new tank from Poly Water Tanks you may be eligible to receive a rainwater tank rebate to help offset the cost of your tank....