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Low Price Budget 5000lt Slimline Water Tank

18th November 2013
By Aaron Pace

Low price budget 5000lt slimline water tank.

Poly Water Tanks has some exciting news with the release of its new Low Price Budget 5000lt Slimline water tank.

As the name 'Budget' suggests this tank is very competitive in the market place because of its low price. The tank is made using the same principals as all our one piece Modular slimlines which we think to be the strongest and most versatile tank on the market which has proven itself and stood the test of time as we have never had a tank split or fail.

With no vertical seems this water tank will not split and is made on our state of the art computer operated machine. This gives us the confidence that every tank is made with the right thickness where we want it and is made the right way every time. The budget slim line tank is made to the highest standard using the best Australian certified plastics and leaves our factory with the Australian certified approval of AS4766.

The budget slimline water tank measures 1260mm wide 2520mm long and 2120mm High giving a total capacity of 5000lt. This tank will fit most locations around the house or shed and can be colour matched to the colour you want. The water tank comes standard with a 400mm stainless steel wire mesh strainer which complies with all government regulations. It also comes with a 90mm overflow and rubber gasket.

All screws are 316 stainless steel so they can withstand the harsh environment and will not rust.The water tank comes standard with 25mm brass compression fitting that will not pull out under pressure and complies with the Australian Tank standard. All tanks can have larger overflows and brass outlets if need be.

The 5000lt budget slimline tank is a more affordable option without having the quality compromised and comes with all the quality Poly Water Tank accessories and backed by other Australian tank Standard plus our 10 year Poly Water Tank warranty.

Website: View the Low Price Budget 5000lt Slimline water tanks specifications

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