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Why Do People Use Water Tanks? Frequently Asked Questions.

27th July 2015
By Aaron Pace

We get a wide range of questions from keen customers looking to install a tank on their property. These are some of the more common questions people seek an answer to before committing to a purchase:

Is it safe to use/drink rainwater?

A: Absolutely. While there is a little more to the process of preparing a tank for drinking water, it is the purest, most natural and chemical-free source of water available.

If you are using your tank to capture water for the toilet, laundry and/or garden, this requires almost no treatment and is perfect for such uses.

How long will my tank take to fill up?

A: This is dependent on the size of your tank and the volume of rainfall in your area.

You can work out your potential capture ability by determining the roof surface area – simply multiply the length of your roof by its width, then multiply this number by the average rainfall of your location. (Check out Weatherzone for details).

Approximately 1mm of rain falling on 1m2 of your roof provides 1 litre of water straight in your tank, so as an example, it would take approximately 20mm of rain over a surface area of 150m2 (a typical 2-3 bedroom home) to fill a 3000L tank.

Are there council restrictions or licenses required to have my own water tank?

A: It is best to check with your local council on their requirements, but the most common elements to satisfy the council include:

  • Submission of a Development Application (DA) for tanks with a capacity greater than 10,000L
  • Adequate signage on the tank (e.g. ‘Rainwater in use’)
  • Using pumps only within allowed periods to comply with noise pollution laws

Generally, the process is quite simple and local councils often encourage their residents to adopt a water tank solution for their home or business.

Will your tanks give drinking water an unpleasant ‘plastic’ taste?

A: Absolutely not. Our tanks are made with the highest quality UV-stabilized polyethylene. It is virgin food grade, with absolutely no effect on the water in terms of taste or smell.

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