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Top 10 Water-Saving Tips for the Aussie Household

23rd November 2015
By Aaron Pace

Of course, a water tank is going to help you save on the water bill, but why not work to make it go further and take some pressure off the environment? These water-saving tips can be put to use easily, with little impact on your lifestyle:

1. Showering: A shower lasting ten minutes consumes around 200L of water. While the odd soak is good for the soul, you don’t need all that time to feel clean and get on with the day. Keep showers under four minutes to save a great deal of water over the course of just one week.

2. Daily Cleansing/Grooming: Don’t leave the tap running while you brush your teeth, shave, or while you lather up when washing your hands. Also, aerators on all tap fittings make a big difference to water consumption.

3. Toilet: Remember the old saying, ‘if it’s yellow, let it mellow’? You can save ten litres by stopping unnecessary flushing. If that is just too gross, when you need to replace a toilet purchase a low-volume or dual-flush version.

4. Laundry: Don’t just chuck in a shirt or two; use your washing machine only use when you have a full load – each consumes a staggering 150L of water. For small items between loads, get out the hand-washing bucket.

5. Dishwashing: Only use when you have a full load, or better yet wash the majority by hand. Don’t let the water run while rinsing, instead fill one sink with washing water and the other with rinsing water.

6. Compost: Did you know that composting eliminates the need for a garbage disposal (a notorious water-waster), and adds water-holding organic matter to the soil? Brilliant and inexpensive.

7. Garden and Outdoors: When planting for the season, select native and drought-tolerant plants. Always adhere to any council water restrictions that may be in place, and only water your lawn when needed (you might even be watering too often; you can tell when it is really required by walking across your lawn –- if you leave footprints, it’s time to water).

8. Catch It and Use It: While waiting for the water in your shower or sink to get hot, do you just watch it run down the drain, never to be used again? Instead, use a large cup (sink) or bucket (shower) to catch the water – use it to water plants, fill birdbaths and more.

9. If It Is Leaking, Fix It: Don’t let leaky taps and toilets run on and on – get to fixing them right away. Hundreds of litres of water can drip away overnight.

10. Lead By Example: Make suggestions at your workplace to conserve water, or even encourage your city and local schools to develop and promote water conservation.

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